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World Sports Rankings (WSR) is an Irish-based sport consultancy company evaluating the local and international sport policies and strategies implemented by National Sports Governing Bodies, sports leagues, National Olympic Committees, National Sports Federations and International Sports Federations. WSR bases its services on scientific countries’ sport rankings, created by Nadim Nassif, Associate Professor in Physical Education and Sports from Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU). These rankings are updated on a yearly basis by the International Center for Sport Policy & Governance (ICSPG), a think tank hosted by NDU.

The team


Nadim Nassif


Associate professor of Physical Education and Sports, Department of Psychology, Education & Physical Education, Faculty of Humanities, Notre Dame University, Lebanon.


Andrew Alnghayoui

Data Analyst

More than 6 years of experience in sports data analytics, MBA Sports Management Graduate from UCAM (Murcia, Spain). B.E. in Mechanical Engineering at NDU, Lebanon.


Maya Gabriel

Project Assistant

B.A. in Advertising and Marketing with a minor in Physical Education and Sport at NDU, Lebanon.


John Kelleher

Collaborator, Founder & CEO of CellNutrition & CellNutrition Sport

John Kelleher, Founder and CEO of CellNutrition and CellNutrition Sport, is based in Sunderland and originally hails from Ireland. In 2015, Kelleher established the company with a visionary goal: to develop a range of natural products

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